Common Q&As

What can I include in my book?

Your book can include photos, captions, quotes, recipes, family trees, genealogy charts, maps, letters, or journal entries. 

What if I have already started my memoir?

Memoir Ink will work with first drafts and incomplete memoirs, autobiographies and biographies to bring them to completion.

How long is a typical memoir?

Although every person’s story is unique, most memoirs are 100 – 200 pages.

How many copies can I order?

As many copies as you would like.

How long is the interview process?

Interviews for a memoir typically take 3 to 5 days of 2 to 3-hour long interviews.

Will I get to see the book before it is published?

You will get the final say on everything: text, photos and formatting. It’s your memoir, designed and edited to suit what you envision.

Can I sell my book?

Yes, you can sell your book. We can help set up an ISBN for you and list it on Amazon, if you so desire! We can also recommend larger publishers for printing large amounts of books or for marketing campaigns.

Do you charge royalties?

We do not charge royalties in the majority of cases and instead work with a flat fee.

What are your rates?

Check out the investment page.

How does this work?

Check out the process page for more information.

Are you open to travel?

Memoir Ink is based in Austin, Texas. Our editors are open to travel, dependent on the project. Contact us for more information.